Frogs !

It’s easy to be a BC Green.

David is affectionately known as Vancouver’s  “Frog Guy”.  For the past several decades, David has been visiting schools, community centres, and supporting world wide efforts to save our precious native urban wildlife.

Saving Frogs help save People

Those who grew up in Vancouver, may remember hearing our native tree frogs sing every evening. We share pleasant memories of our youth– enjoying sunny days catching and raising tadpoles, watching first hand, nature’s amazing transformation. It’s a wonderful way to introduce future generations to our environment, to become stewards of our living world, and to see how we’re all connected to nature’s web of life.

David has been trying to repopulate Vancouver’s urban tree frog population. He continues his efforts with colleagues and educators with young people on raising local frogs for release, and their incredible value to humanity. On April 28, 2009, David worked with civic leaders to have the City of Vancouver proclaim “Save The Frogs Day”,  the first city in the world to do so.

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Saving Vancouver Frogs (© Shaw TV 2009)

Vancouver’s Frog Guy (© Telus April 2013)

Saving one of Vancouver’s last urban forest (Vancouver Foundation ©2010)