I’m tired of fighting for Fairness and Common sense from the outside. Time to fight from within.  BC Greens colleagues and I will advocate for Housing choices and accessible Childcare linked to income ability.
  • Increase Affordable Housing and housing options by introducing successful models learned from other jurisdictions 
  • Follow through with new and seismic upgrades to our schools
  • Support arts and culture— vital ingredients for creativity and innovation in the knowledge economy
  • Streamline government by looking at ways to reduce and remove red tape
  • Give our millennials the support and security to thrive
  • Care for and respect our elders and our veterans

Housing security

David is the BC Green party Housing spokesperson. We will work to dampen speculation and will work to get affordable housing into our communities. Instead of pretty sound bites and promises, BC Greens have forwarded a bold plan to tackle the affordable housing crisis. Here is our aggressive BC Greens Affordable Homes Strategy-

BC Greens will:
  • Introduce measures to eliminate money laundering and property speculation
  • Implement a provincial housing plan for affordable rental accommodation
  •  Invest up to $750 million per year to create approximately 4,000 units of affordable housing per year
  • Update the Residential Tenancy Act to protect renters. Look at Vancouver-Hastings as a complete eco-system where everything is connected. We all contribute a valued role to our community. The foundation to resolving much of this, is to make available, housing that is linked to income ability.

A Community to thrive

18 out of 19 schools are threatened with closure in East Van.
Four of which are in our community. 

Doesn’t make sense. We’ve got parks, playgrounds, community centres, schools, a rich mix of older and newer homes enjoyed by families. Assets built by earlier generations. It is one of our city’s historic working class neighbourhoods. But our riding in east Vancouver is said “to be in decline”.  Let’s prove them wrong. BC Greens will work to put a roof over our heads, in our neighbourhood so families do not have to commute long distances to work, childcare, or visits to elders.  
Elders are making difficult choices 
Choices like paying big tax bills / big rental bills, or buying necessities like food. Some are leaving the only place they’ve called home. Leaving the community they love. Leaving their friends. It is because of the ever increasing property assessments (taxes) and lack of attention by officials. Same goes for small businesses. It is difficult for businesses to thrive with high property taxes. It is difficult for them to retain neighbourhood workers who cannot afford to live nearby due to high rents, destruction of liveable older homes, and houses priced for millionaires.

Cool down Property Speculation

Once housing is secured, families and elders can live and build community together. BC Greens will lead with government led housing with evidence based solutions. Proven models such as purpose built rental housing linked to income abilities. Community housing that embraces across generations. With connected solutions in place, there will less impact economically or environmentally.  Less travelling great distances to work, to school, or to find childcare. That’s less carbon and less demand on transit. It’s an ecosystem. Think of community as a whole.

Vancouver-Hastings deserve a government that works for you